Sunday, April 20, 2008

Warren Jeffs update

I seem to have missed this little story from late 2007:,2933,315484,00.html

Yup, Warren Jeffs resigned as the head of the FLDS last year. Or he never was the head of the FLDS. Or something.

I checked Wikipedia to see who the new FLDS head is. The Wikipedians didn't know.

I realize that Gnostic groups believe in secrecy, but this is ridiculous. What if Tom Cruise publicly states that HE is the head of the FLDS church - and then takes Kirstie Alley as his second wife?

Seriously, compare the FLDS to companies who want to try to control the message. At least these companies have a spokesperson. Who speaks on behalf of the FLDS?

[8:55 PM - FOLLOWUP.]

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