Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reactions to my "Twitter Monetization, Again" post

The conversation has definitely become fragmented on my Twitter Monetization, Again post. Personally, I don't mind; whatever gets you through the comment is all right.

If you haven't seen the post, it consists of quotes from Shel Israel, Biz Stone, Duncan Riley, and Steven Hodson, primarily on Twitter's monetization plan (or lack thereof). I threw in a few words also:

Twitter has had a monetization plan all along, but it's too tacky to mention - we'll make our money from a purchaser, and let the next owner figure out how to monetize the thing. "Build it and they will come," indeed.

But there's a potential drawback to this strategy....

The drawback being - what if there is no purchaser?

So anyways, I've received a couple of pieces of feedback on the post, and the feedback isn't as pessimistic as I've been.

One piece of feedback was a direct message from someone who talked to someone regarding Twitter. Both someones are more optimistic than I am, with the first someone saying that the second someone feels "pretty confident they have twitter nailed."

The other piece of feedback came from the FriendFeed discussion about the post, where Charlie Anzman said:

Don't count them out yet. There's still time. Entirely new demographic groups are just starting to use Twitter.

Perhaps Charlie and the Someones (good band name, no?) are right. Time will tell.

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