Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Joy of Cynicism

Perhaps it's all those years of listening to KROQ on April 1, but when the day rolls around, I tend to be cynical about anything that I read. So when Corvida asks

I humbly request that you bookmark my page and come back to share every prank you’ve fallen prey to...

I probably won't participate, because I'm discounting everything I read today. Heck, al Qaeda could choose today to launch a major strike, and half the nation would probably go, "Nah, that didn't really happen."

But I've certainly SEEN a lot of things that I'm doubting today.

So far I'm cynical about Michael Arrington's lawsuit against Facebook, Darren Rowse's PayPerTweet announcement, and a whole slew of stories regarding a fire sale at Manchester United, including the departures of Owen Hargreaves and Carlos Tevez (to Arsenal), Wayne Rooney (to Liverpool), Rio Ferdinand (to Chelsea), and four other players (to Tottenham). And we can't forget about Cristiano Ronaldo going to Real Madrid.

And then there's the story about four players, the Spears sisters, Lindsay Lohan, and a goat. Or any of the many other stories that are on Soccerlens today.

Heck, now I don't even believe the InfoWorld Cringely article (or, specifically, the news that the Cringely brand is closing up shop at InfoWorld). You'll note, however, that InfoWorld didn't claim that Cringely was going to PBS. (Heh.)

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