Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wrapping up some old issues

There are some things that I've talked about on the mrontemp blog before, but new news has appeared about several of the items.

The Alexis Kouros-Phil Schwartzmann case was settled before trial. Phil can't talk about the settlement for twenty years, but he's "very happy." Read into that what you will.

On the issue of artifacts and conversation fragmentation outside of the original artifact, Corvida argued that you should post comments at the original artifact (e.g. blog post) itself before commenting elsewhere (e.g. at FriendFeed).

Required Elements discussed Kiira Korpi's free skate program, as well as Dick Button's reaction:

Also sad was seeing Dick Button turn on Korpi through the program. He LOVED her at the beginning of the program, and even went so far as to try to say that one of her falls shouldn't even matter that much, because she did not fall on her shoulder and slam into the boards and disrupt the program for several seconds (he really said this, no joke). But then by the end of the program, with all of the falls, he actually said she had no business being in the last group of skaters, which was kind of sad, but true.

Dig Deep, See Clear also observed:

[W]hat is it with Finnish ladies and not being able to hold on after a good short? This has happened to Kira before (as well as Laura Lepisto). I think she simply needs to learn how to handle the pressure because she has everything else.

Meanwhile, Consumerist talked about Starbucks feedback. (Still haven't joined the site myself, by the way.)

And Zoli Erdos noted that Twitter was first with reports on the Japan earthquake.

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