Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This reminds me of the Stan Ridgway song "Roadblock"

Foothill Cities Blog links to the following material from Free Whitewater:

A blogger – a modern day pamphleteer – writes about municipal affairs, and his website has been critical of certain police practices and actions.

As one might imagine, some officials in town are disappointed with the criticism.

One day, the police chief, perhaps accompanied by someone else, visits the house of someone in town, to confront that man about being the ‘evil blogger.’ The man apparently has relatives who had been active in local politics, he may be libertarian, etc. The man’s wife sometimes attends public meetings, and takes notes.

Those slim – ludicrous – facts convince the official that the man he visits is the blogger.

The chief goes to the man’s house with the apparent purpose of confronting the man, perhaps to shame him into silence, whatever that might mean.

Here’s what’s especially odd — it wasn’t the blogger’s house.

They went to the wrong house, and confronted the wrong man.

In fact, the blogger has never met the man that the chief visited.


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