Monday, March 3, 2008

President 42 - Outsider

I've already mentioned how one of the possibile "President 44's" is the definite insider, U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton. But her insidership didn't start there. As she is all too ready to remind you, she spent eight years as an unpaid advisor to the President of the United States - her husband, Bill Clinton.

Clinton himself was the latest of a long line of outsiders who were sent to clean up the mess in Washington (although it could be argued that George W. Bush was sent to fix problems from the man who was by then an insider, Bill Clinton). And yes, I know that Clinton certainly had his Washington connections, all the way back to that danged Kennedy handshake (and his wife's work during Watergate). But he portrayed himself as The Man from Hope, and much of his experience had a decided Arkansas flavor.


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