Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mikko Ellila Update - a lot has happened in the last year

Finland for Thought has noted that a decision will occur soon in the Mikko Ellila case.

If you're not familiar with the case, here is the latest update from Conservative Beach Girl:

Mikko Ellilä is currently awaiting the verdict of his trial for "ethnnic agitation." Curiously, in Finland, a blogger, Mikko Ellilä, has been questioned by the police and has subsequently been subjected to a trial - why? Essentially for stating what everyone in Finland knows to be true. Finland is painfully being turned into an Islamic state with the flood of Muslims turning the Finnish culture on its ear.

A nation, surely, must have the right to maintain its own unique culture and not be forced by the United Nations and its own weak-sisters in government to bow to the whims and annihilating culture of Islam with its dhimmitude and slavery of women, not to mention the ending of all other religions that may exist in Finland.

Mikko has stood trial for "ethnic agitation", read - telling the truth about the destruction of Finland by the Islamic invasion.

I'll return to Conservative Beach Girl in a minute.

I was blogging a lot about Mikko Ellila back in May 2007. Here are excerpts from one of my posts:

We bloggers are so lemming-like predictable! Just sneak up behind one of us, whisper "freedom of speech infringement," and we howl in a Pavlovian manner. So goes the blogosphere today, as reports (Tundra Tabloids, Gates of Vienna, Finland for Thought) surface that Mikko Ellila has to talk to the Finnish police about some things that he said in his blog.

The blogosphere reaction is predictable....

If Ellila's Finnish words reflect his English words, I don't see any reason for the law to get involved just because he calls Muslims a bunch of murder-happy fascists.

But would my views change if Muslims were killed in Finland after the killers were inspired by Ellila's characterization of Muslims as "fascists"? Perhaps.

Back to Conservative Beach Girl. The title indicates that a lot has happened since I last looked at Mikko Ellila. Conservative Beach Girl provides an update.

[I]n the United States of America, a man can attend a hate-mongering, racist, black separatist church for twenty years and hail as his mentor and spiritual adviser a ranting "black" racist - a racist shouting anti-white, anti-Semitic, and anti-American screeds such as "God da.n the US of KKK A" that are unthinkable in white Christian churches - even subjecting his children to such shouted racism, and that same man, Barack Obama, can be considered a serious candidate for the presidency of the United States. Talk about "hate speech."...

[N]othing Mikko wrote was vile lies and nothing Mikko wrote came close to the hate-mongering of Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., supported with cheering and shouts of agreement from the black Americans in his "congregation." To add insult upon insult, Obama informs white America that these racist, hate-mongering statements are "preached" from pulpits of black churches across the nation every Sunday, nothing new there, he says. Yet these black pastors are not charged with "hate speech." No, that is reserved for anyone who challenges Islamic tenets of "hating and killing infidels."

I'm not necessarily sure that the parallels are truly parallel - Ellila is being criticized for things he said himself, while Obama is being criticized for things someone else said. But it does raise the question of what would happen if Reverend Wright were to retire to a pastorate in Helsinki.

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