Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lifestyle Lift lawyers have their hands untied

I started to read the complaint by Lifestyle Lift Holdings and ran across this gem:

7. Plaintiff LLH licenses the use of the mark "Lifestyle Lift" to cosmetic and plastic surgery centers across the Untied States...

Yes, that's the "Untied" States. As a citizen of the US, can I sue them for misuse of my country's name?

Once you sink into the lawsuit, it gets even more bizarre.

Item 11 note that Realself.com sells advertising to competitors of Lifestyle Lift. Whether this is true of not I don't know, but imagine Coke suing the Super Bowl over a Pepsi ad (or vice versa).

Exhibit B lists some meta content from one of realself.com's web pages. The meta content contains the horrible word "unbiased," which I guess is threatening to the Lifestyle Lift people. I personally don't use meta content any more, preferring to have my visible text say what I want to say, but the metatext that I read didn't seem all that terrible.

Now if you look to the right side of that page, you can see a number of links to realself.com pages that say things like "Dallas Lifestyle lift." At the time of the complaint (see item 14), apparently one of these links ("Michigan Lifestyle lift") went to some doctors who were not Lifestyle Lift doctors. I can't find that link any more, but you'd think that if the Lifestyle Lift people were serious about trademark infringement, they'd be complaining about ALL of the links to the Lifestyle Lift doctors.

And they'd be complaining about the Lifestyle Lift pictures that appear on the site.

And they'd be complaining about the posting of the complaint itself.

C'mon - are they really that upset about a link to one Michigan doctor? If I'm missing something, please let me know.

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