Monday, March 24, 2008

All Gertrude Neumark Rothschild, All the Time (with colorwars and mooninites thrown in)

No new official news on the International Trade Commission action, which is to be expected since none of the targeted companies is going to make a public comment at this time. Presumably an announcement would be made if one of the companies settled, but in an ITC case I'm not even sure if you can settle.

So, to satisfy the need of my readers to find out more about the case, I've resorted to seeing what other people are saying about it.

Well, as long as they're not solely confining themselves to the "little old lady" approach to covering the issue. Frankly, I don't know how tall Rothschild is, so the "little" adjective may be inaccurate. And, of course, it trivializes the whole issue. A patent is a patent, regardless of how old you are.

So let's start with rrchill. And yes, the dreaded words "little old lady" are used in this post, but there are some other observations:

Does that mean these types of devices may stop shipping unless they cut her some checks? I'm not sure it's ethical to wait until the technology is widely in use to demand money by suing the companies making the products, or they might have chosen another royalty-free design to accomplish the same thing. expressed a similar sentiment:

I suppose my only question now is, why wait so long? Was she waiting to see if Blu-Ray would beat out HD DVD? I she’d filed this suit sooner, would your XBOX 360 be able to play the High Definition DVDs of the future?

(Incidentally, the post provides a concise summary of Rothschild's previous actions, which may be helpful in assessing her success in the ITC attempt.

Meanwhile, rrchill also notes the following:

I bet we start seeing more red, yellow, and white LEDs, since her process isn't needed for making the higher wavelength ones.

Hmmm. If we're going to talk about colors, perhaps the Twitter color wars should be considered. For the record, there is a blue team, currently with 374 players. Has said team ensured that they're not stepping on any patents?

But if we're talking about LEDs, I believe that Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens (the Mooninite guys who freaked out Boston in early 2007) should testify before the International Trade Commission on this matter.

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