Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Stove Top for Lunch

A collection of various Super Tuesday-related links.

Front, Sight, Press reported that Eugene Volokh has endorsed John McCain.

Duncan Reilly at TechCrunch noted that Obama and Huckabee have significant web traffic. Meanwhile, Jeremy Zawodny noted that all of the candidates' web sites are, in a word, slow. (Actually, YSlow.)

Eye of Polyphemus made a valid case for the argument that the writers' strike has affected election decisions. Think about it; how many people made their 1976 election decisions based upon Chevy Chase? Jamie's Super Tuesday predictions, by the way, are here.

Speaking of predictions, Reid Wilson covered all the bases. (GroanAlert) Or, in other words, all the bases are belong to him. (/GroanAlert)

Rich Lowry claimed that the Republicans want Hillary to lose the nomination, but just as passionately want her to win the nomination.

Meanwhile, Reverse_Vampyr linked to a YouTube video from the Romney camp saying that Hillary Clinton and John McCain are pretty much the same. And Baratunde linked to a video saying that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are pretty much different. So perhaps Clinton can be the Republican and Obama the Democrat. The baby seal clubbers would love THAT one.

And people are voting: Doug Haslam in Massachusetts, and Hilary (Superfluous Juxtaposition), Goddess of Pomona, and Tony Pierce in California.

And Extreme Mortman looked at radio coverage. And Caveat Bettor compared Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter.

Meanwhile, Centinel weighed in on another California proposition. If you live in Pasadena and want Portantino to head up the Assembly, you should vote against 93 since that will kick Nunez out of office. Follow that?

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Reverse_Vampyr said...

McCain is often cited as being a moderate Republican, but if you check his record he's much more in line with Hillary than he is with traditional Repub positions. Every time he teams up with Democrats, he abandons his principles in favor of theirs. That's not being bipartisan, that's being somebody's bitch.

Ontario Emperor said...

When measured against Goldwater, all of them (except for Ron Paul) are flaming big government liberals.