Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Status, 5:09 pm Pacific Time

Results will be rolling in early and often soon, but as of now we have Mike Huckabee winning West Virginia and Barack Obama winning Georgia.


CNN projects: Romney wins Mass.; McCain wins Conn. and Illinois; Obama wins Illinois; Clinton wins Okla.

Back to the Georgia and West Virginia stuff...

From Marketwatch:

Obama appeared to score a big win over Sen. Hillary Clinton in Georgia, where 43% of the white voters cast their ballots for the African-American candidate....

In a presage of what was expected to be a long night, Romney immediately took issue with the results in West Virginia, accusing McCain of cutting a "backroom deal" with Huckabee supporters to make sure Romney lost. McCain supporters threw their support behind Huckabee on the second ballot after none of the candidates were able to win 50% of the vote.

"Sen. McCain cut a Washington backroom deal in a way that once again underscores his legacy of working against Republicans who are interested in championing conservative policies and rebuilding the party," said Beth Myers, Romney's campaign manager.
Huckabee shrugged off the criticism from Romney's campaign and said "the game is still on."

Ana Marie Cox observed the following from her strategic vantage point:

Couch, D.C.: Huck's WV win prompting mussed hair among Romney staffers. McCain campaign pronounced "juvenile." True, & they're proud of it!

I replied:

@anamariecox well, it's really simple. john likes mike because mitt has gross boogers. and because you can rhyme the name mitt with the word

Oops, I guess I hit my 140 character limit.

Meanwhile, I happened to hear the first 15 minutes of Sean Hannity's radio show at lunch, and West Virginia had him all bent out of shape. Opinionated Catholic was listening also:

I have been listening to Sean talk about how "unfair" it was that Huckabee won WV. Good grief it was a Caucus!!!

He said said that spreading the West Virginia results was tantamount to manipulating the election and that was going to lead to voter suppression. (Really so Romney can go to Nevada on the day of SC and that is great but this is bad?).

He even said that what happened in West Virginia was questionable.(what? It is a caucus) I thought Sean was a "great American" but he seems to be trying to defame our elections on dubious grounds. It is sort of like the Iowa Caucus. If your person didn't get 15% the other people try to get you to vote for your candidate. Wow as I am typing this he has Team Romney on complaining. What a Cluster####.

Oops, I guess Opinionated Catholic's pound/hash key got stuck. This election brings out the best in us.

(Of course, if Romney were to throw his support to someone to lock McCain out, it would be praised as a brilliant strategic move. Go figure.)

P.S. I'll try to tweet and/or blog some stuff throughout the evening, although blog posts might be from a mobile phone and therefore may not include links or substantiation. If I don't get around to blogging, you can follow my tweets at http://twitter.com/oemperor, or, for California primary-specific stuff, at http://hashtags.org/tag/caprimary/.

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