Thursday, February 21, 2008

No, you weren't wrong

In the past, I've been fond of quoting the title of Jim Bakker's autobiography, "I Was Wrong."

You'd think that the message of that title was pretty clear.

You'd think wrong:

Visitors stream in, and Darylene Howard eagerly greets them.

“Welcome to Heritage!” she calls out. She realizes her mistake and laughs. “Oh my, I mean Morningside!”

Howard, who also works as a Wal-Mart greeter, is a chipper woman with a quick smile and bright blue eyes. She has been a fan of Bakker’s since his glory days with the Praise The Lord ministry. And she, like many people here, lost money when the PTL collapsed. She and her husband each paid $1,000 for “lifetime partnerships” granting them limited free lodging at Heritage USA. Bakker spent almost five years in prison for diverting millions of dollars in partner fees for his personal use and promising more free lodging than the PTL ever could have provided.

But Howard dismisses Bakker’s conviction as “a miscarriage of justice.”...

Bakker could not have gotten this far without these supporters. They have forgiven him — or argue his prosecution was unfair.

Now, I have no problem with forgiveness, but I do have a problem with denial.

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