Monday, February 4, 2008

More on Super Bowl Ads and the Super Bowl Itself

Reverse_Vampyr started his Super Bowl ad post by giving a little personal background:

I work in the advertising business. And I have a love-hate relationship with it. But my disdain for corporate hucksterism goes out the window every year when it's time for "the Big Game."

Here are RV's comments on various favorite ads:

Coca-Cola - It's Mine: Pardon the pun, but I liked the uplifting nature of this spot. A memorable tussle between giant parade balloons of Family Guy's Stewie and Underdog, with Charlie Brown finally winning in the end. A Coke and a smile, indeed. Home run.

Tide To Go - Talking Stain: What a perfect little way to demonstrate the need for the product. Seamless CG. It remains to be seen if this idea will be big enough to be a campaign, but it's a vast improvement on their other ads.

Pepsi Stuff - Magnetic Attraction: The celebrity is literally sucked through the air, paying off the copy in a memorable way. The more I see Justin Timberlake do comedy, the more I like the guy. And that's saying a lot 'cause I hate his music. But I applaud his willingness to make fun of himself. Plus, the addition of Adam Samburg adds "Dick In A Box" laughs to this one.

Bridgestone - Unexpected Obstacles: Similar kudos to Simmons for allowing himself to be the target of everybody's derision in this clever variation Bridgestone's other "Scream" spot that aired earlier in the game.

David Allen didn't venture an opinion on the Super Bowl ads. With good reason.

This was, I think, Super Bowl 42, if my Roman numeral skills haven't left me, and at this point I have a streak going, not having seen any of them. Not to be a snob about it; I understand the value and comfort and fun of American communal experiences, and I wouldn't say the Academy Awards, which I sometimes tune in for, are any less ridiculous.

That said, I resist the Super Bowl hype and generally enjoy an afternoon in which the streets and shops are semi-depopulated....

I had a late lunch out in Pomona in a mostly empty restaurant and bought groceries in Claremont with only one person ahead of me in line. Noticed that 21 Flavors frozen yogurt, which usually has a line out the door, appeared empty, but I wasn't in the mood for something cold. Went to a coffeehouse and read a novel in relative peace.

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Reverse_Vampyr said...

Thanks for the link. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Ontario Emperor said...

At the time of the ad, I saw a lot of tweets that were underwhelmed by the Tide ad. I thought it made its point effectively.