Saturday, February 2, 2008

#caprimary Republican Candidate Web Pages and Statements

Last month I noted that California Secretary of State Debra Bowen had published, way back on November 29, 2007, the "Official Certified List of Candidates" for this Tuesday's election. As a reminder, the 11 Republican candidates on the ballot are as follows:

Sam Brownback
John H. Cox
Rudy Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
Duncan Hunter
Alan Keyes
John McCain
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Tom Tancredo
Fred Thompson

What I didn't mention at the time was that the certified list also included websites for the various candidates. I figured I'd visit these websites and get a feel for what the candidates (or, at least those candidates who have not withdrawn from the race) are saying.

Network Solutions
Coming Soon!
This site is under construction.

John Cox is the only real Conservative running for President

Show your support for Rudy, invite your friends, and watch as your impact spreads across the country.

Translation: Giuliani's webmaster - or McCain's webmaster - wasn't paid to update the site.

We Need Your Help. Make Calls For Mike And Help Us Reach Our Super Tuesday Fundraising Goal By Monday At Midnight.

Whatever happened to getting vote goals, instead of fundraising goals? Just curious.

Saturday, January 19, 2008
"Today we end this campaign"

We started this campaign a year ago right here, in San Diego Harbor, against the backdrop of American Naval power. We launched a campaign emphasizing a strong national defense, enforceable borders and restoring the industrial base of America.

Today we end this campaign. The Nevada caucuses reflecting only 2% of the vote for me. I ran the campaign exactly the way I wanted to, and at this point not being able to gain traction in conservative states of Nevada and South Carolina, it's time to allow our volunteers and supporters to focus on the campaigns that remain viable.

It's time for me to gear up for 2008's defense bill that will be put together over the coming weeks. There is work to be done in the areas of troop protection and new capabilities to be deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. And over the horizon, the emergence of Communist China as a military super power will require a new emphasis on U.S. capabilities in undersea warfare, space, and long range air-power....

I've never known a more stout-hearted defender of a strong America than Alan Keyes.

McCain Gets Two Major Endorsements From Gov. Schwarzenegger and Mayor Giuliani

The underlying theme is interesting. Note the use of the "Governor" and "Mayor" (i.e., not Washington) titles. Apparently the maverick chafes at his Washington establishment role.

Going for the Gold $5 million boost by February 5

Yes, it reflects Paul's monetary policy, and yes it's a subliminal tweak at Mitt Romney's continuous Olympic references. But I'm starting to think that Paul and Huckabee are competing for IRS Commissioner, not President.


Uh oh. Sounds too much like "Big Mo" to me. Perhaps Romney's running for Vice President. And to be fair, the second message on his home page refers to his economic stimulus plan.

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

A Statement from Fred Thompson

Posted: Tue. 22 Jan 2008

Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people.

Well, if I were basing my vote on the strength of the home page message, I'd vote for Duncan Hunter in a heartbeat. His home page message wasn't glib soundbite, a list of a bunch of links, or a fundraising plea, but instead stated Hunter's beliefs about our country.

However, all of the candidates except Brownback submitted candidate statements. Here are excerpts from the six candidates who, as far as I know, are still actively in the race.


I am running for President because I believe that the American dream is still alive, and right now our country needs a leader who can lift the nation up and optimistically address the challenges we will face.


The past 20 years have seen only Bushes and a Clinton as President. During that span, our government has added trillions of debt, failed to reform a broken tax system, failed to fix Social Security and Medicare, failed to deal with illegal immigration, watched health care costs explode, done nothing for education but spend money with few results. We have turned over control of government to the corrupt who make money from public service while selling out our principles and piling more debt on our children. If you are tired of these failures, I suggest you support my candidacy for President.


I am Dr. Ron Paul, the champion of the Constitution.


I believe our nation’s best days are ahead and remain committed to an America with a strong national defense, a smaller, more accountable government, and a robust economy.


I am running for President because I want future generations to live in an America that is safe and prosperous and free.


The sovereignty of the American people is being destroyed. To address this crisis we must restore our moral sovereignty, beginning with the truth that all people are endowed by God with certain unalienable rights, starting with the right to life itself.

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