Saturday, January 26, 2008

You Only Need One Good Eye

Eye of Polyphemus printed the following earlier today:

I took a shot at predicting last week's primary in South Carolina and the caucus in Nevada. I got both wrong, but that never stops me from sticking my nose up in the air and spouting my next opinion authoritatively. Therefore, I predict:

1. Barack Obama will win overall.
2. John Edwards will come in second.
3. Hillary Clinton will come in third.
4. The results will be irrelevant because Clinton will become the nominee eventually regardless.

Personally, I thought that he was way off base. Yes, South Carolina is Edwards' home state, but would he really come in second?

Perhaps I'd better pay attention to Jamie from now on. Here's what the New York Times is saying at the moment:

Senator Barack Obama appeared to sprint to a lopsided victory in the South Carolina primary, the first Southern contest of the presidential campaign.

The Associated Press and CNN called the race for Mr. Obama immediately after the polls closed at 7:00 p.m., suggesting a large margin of victory.

Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Edwards were in a close race for second-place as returns began to trickle in from the state’s precincts.

Woah. If Clinton comes in third in South Carolina...she might cry.

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