Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Various Hillary and George posts

As Hillary Clinton prepares to claim victory in Florida, further angering the EOH's (enemies of Hillary), it's time for me to stovetop some various Hillary posts.

Extreme Mortman noted that Bill (Hillary's husband) previously discussed sleep deprivation.

Real Clear Politics ran an E.J. Dionne piece entitled "Hobbled by Hubby."

Jack Kelly chose to highlight the Republican disunity with his piece Only Hillary Can Reunite Republican Party.

OK. Some guy named George W. Bush, who was elected President a few years back, gave a speech last night. But Eye of Polyphemus uncovered the real speech that Cheney wouldn't allow Bush to give. Excerpt:

I presided over the largest, most deadly attack in US history. Even bigger than the Day That Will live in Infamy. I had greatness thrust on me that day. Sure, I spent over twelve hours in seclusion running all over the country before Vice-President Cheney, a great American, hauled me in front of the cameras to assure the American people that not only was Rudy Giuliani not actually the president, but we were surely going to bomb the hell out of somebody, even if it meant thousands of Iraqis were going to have to die.

(Pause for standing ovation.)

Meanwhile, Extreme Mortman wondered not why Al Jazeera was allowed to cover the State of the Union address, but why they got a plum spot for their coverage.

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