Friday, January 25, 2008

Two views of Rudy Giuliani

I've always thought of Rudy Giuliani as a fading politician who lucked out when Al Qaeda targeted his city. But Jamie at Eye of Polyphemus had a different view of him after seeing last night's debate:

I watched because I have bought into the idea it was Rudy Giuliani’s last stand. When it was all said and done, I do not believe he succeeded in bypassing the rest of the bunch. While I thought he gave much more nuanced and intellectual answers to the questions put to him, that is not what voters want. They want platitudes . they want a subtle Santa Claus who can convincingly promise them both low taxes and every social service they want. The best snake oil salesman on stage was Mitt Romney, not Giuliani.

But Pat's Daily Grind has a different view of Giuliani, commenting on a quote of his:

"We confront real threats in the twenty-first century. Nonetheless, the American future is filled with promise—the global economy and rapid technological advances are delivering prosperity to more and more Americans every day."

The global economy is also taking away manufacturing capability and information technology expertise. It has created a ballooning trade deficit, and done significant damage to the dollar. I’m not a protectionist by any means, I believe that the U.S. needs to be proactive and manage its integration into the global economy appropriately....The global economy is a reality that needs to be addressed by thoughtful analysis, not by rosy statements that it’s just made everything better for everyone.

However, you regard him, he may be out of the race in a few days.

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padraig said...

> However, you regard him, he may be
> out of the race in a few days.

We can hope. :)

Ontario Emperor said...

I'm voting in the California Republican primary in a week, and I honestly haven't made my decision yet. But I'm more lukewarm on Giuliani than I'm lukewarm on the other candidates. I seriously plan to check out the unknowns in the list.