Monday, January 21, 2008

Twice the news that's fit to print

From Ed Lasky, via RealClear Politics:

The American mediascape is about to experience an earthquake, Rupert Murdoch is preparing to topple the New York Times from its position as the pre-eminent general interest daily newspaper, generating severe financial pressure on a struggling media company reeling from mismanagement. There is every indication he will succeed.

The New York Times has long enjoyed the status of America's leading and most influential national general interest newspaper. A wide range of advertisers, particularly purveyors of upscale goods, have paid escalating advertising rates to reach the elite readership presumed to read the nation's leading daily....

Legendary media baron Rupert Murdoch has just completed his purchase of the Wall Street Journal - a paper that also enjoys nationwide reach, but one that has heretofore focused on the world of business. Change is afoot. Murdoch is a man who makes no "small plans"; he makes "big plans"....

Murdoch's goal is to transform the Journal into a rival of the Times, and then surpass it, making the Journal the nation's preeminent general interest newspaper. Given Murdoch's history, zeal, resources and talents -- all qualities sadly lacking in the fourth generation of Sulzbergers, as symbolized by Pinch (Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr.) -- the Times will be toppled.

The Times reacted by bringing Bill Kristol onto its editorial staff (even though he works for various Murdoch properties), prompting this Assimilated Press story:

Continuing its rapid decline from its prominent position as the leading "paper of record" and shortly after its disclosure that it has hired William "The Bloody" Kristol as a columnist, the New York Times announced today that it is bringing in Rupert Murdoch to be co-publisher alongside current publisher Arthur "Pinch" Sulzberger....

And in case you haven't heard about Assimilated Press, they cover all the big stories:

In a stunning victory, fictional television character Jack Bauer has won the Republican Presidential Primary in South Carolina with an overwhelming write-in vote. Coming in a distant second was Mike Huckabee followed by John McCain and Mitt Romney. Rudy Giuliani came in last only a few votes behind Jefferson Davis.

The losing candidates, sensing that the Republican electorate wants their nominee to be even more tough, unaccountable and insane than the present occupant of the White House, quickly vowed to bomb Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France and Mauritania to demonstrate American resolve to use military force and they also unanimously agreed that torture should not only be allowed in public schools but that it should be mandatory.

I don't think the Assimilated Press will be supplying stories to the New York Post any time soon. Then again...

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