Monday, January 7, 2008

The Timex Social Club Situation Around Britney and Jamie Lynn's Mother

There are some weird stories going around about Lynne Spears, and I don't know whether any of them are true or not.

From Eye of Polyphemus:

The postmodern bit that makes me the most giddy is that Spears’ mother brought in Dr. Phil to counsel Britney. Not because the Oprak spin off is any good, but because they might get an hour long television special out of it. We have to fill that WGA strike void somehow.

But what about Britney's younger sister?

As an erotic theme the despoiling of innocence is older than the Romans. Lynne Spears is a proven expert on serving up her young daughters....It s now Jamie Lynn s turn at bat. She established her virginal bona fides! in Zoey. Then she s turned time for her high dive from chastity into the pits of sexual availability. Mom could have insisted she use birth control. She could have helped Jamie Lynn quietly end the pregnancy. But the business model requires a drawn out public decline. And had she not convincingly posed as the good one her turning bad would be far less interesting. We read that Mom sold the pregnancy story to OK magazine.

But etclbp isn't necessarily willing to throw Lynne Spears under the trailer blocks:

As for blaming Lynne Spears for everything, well that would only make sense if these girls weren’t surrounded by a...load of adults making money off of them by saying yes when they should be saying no. It would only make sense if they didn’t have a father. It would only make sense if they weren’t spectacularly famous and hounded by photographers and videographers all day long.

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