Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stove Top with a Tweety Twist, 8 January 2008

When I'm not sharing items in Google Reader for subsequent reading, blogging, or commenting, I'm doing the same with my starred items in Twitter. Although I have often expressed the wish that MOBILE Twitter also allowed you to star items, I'm still able to star enough items anyway. Sometimes the starred items sit around for months (I never got around to discussing my 1969 Ray Rayner memories), but usually I try to do something with them fairly quickly. So, without further ado...

I found out about a couple of things by reading through the comments in this blog and exploring things further. For example, take my tweet on Brian Eno's "77 Million Paintings" software exhibition (in which he finally realized his dream of going to the public, rather than forcing the public to come to him). In addition, there's my tweet on a Washington Post article on "Memorandum 46".

For various personal and professional reasons, I'm interested in the storage of geographical locations for public safety purposes. Thus I ended up tweeting about a lot of things, including an August 2005 technical white paper on Oracle Locator, the Open Geopatial Consortium, and a 1999 overview of coordinate systems by Peter H. Dana.

Hey, I've almost cleared out my backlog of Twitter favorites! Just one more, and it's something that I want to explore at some point.

davewiner http://politweets.com/ tracks and ranks mentions of candidates

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