Friday, January 25, 2008

Rick Dees When He Was Chronologically Younger

I equate Rick Dees to Benny Hill, and not in a kind way.

Well, Franklin Avenue linked to a YouTube video of Dees with Wally George, another cartoon character, which was taken from Wally George's old Channel 56 television show. Think Jerry Springer with politics instead of sex and you'll get a feel for what Wally George's show was like.

The Dees appearance was funny for a few reasons.

  • The "I have had to move" line recalls Dees' reaction after he was threatened by a large black man (a/k/a Michael "the Maintenance Man" Burton) several years later.

  • How times have changed. Back then, Rick could joke that Wally was married to an illegal alien. Could he dare tell the same joke today? (Although I'm sure he'd love to recycle a joke, he may stay away from this one.)

  • The pie and seltzer fight at the end was straight out of Benny Hill...or perhaps a foodie version of Jerry Springer.

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