Saturday, January 12, 2008

My feedback to Ovation regarding the demise of IMF and its "One World" show

I just submitted the following feedback to Ovataion network via their contact page:

Perhaps it's more accurate to say that I am a FORMER viewer of IMF. As I noted in several posts in my mrontemp blog, most notably at the URL, American cable programming lost a unique voice a few days ago. Until that time, IMF - and most notably its show "One World" - was the one place on cable TV where you could find out what the other 6+ billion people in the world were watching. The show, and the channel, introduced a number of artists who could not be heard on cable otherwise. Now this show has been lost, replaced with non-video programming about the same American and English bands that are covered by all of the other cable music channels. It appears that I will have to seek my music elsewhere, unless Ovation is moved to replace one of its infomercial blocks with "One World," or with similar programming that caused many of us to turn to DISH channel 157 in the first place.

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