Friday, January 18, 2008

Mama, Tell Me 'Bout the Good Ol' Days

Recently I've been thinking about the fact that blogs are always reactive. In my case, I'm either reacting to the latest story about whatever, or I'm reacting to some crazy fool idea that has implaned itself on my brain. Perhaps, I thought to myself, it would be good if I took some time to look at things that I was writing about a year ago - Washington Mutual, druggy soap, or whatever - and revisiting the situation in a "where are they now" format, taking time to reflect upon the deeper meaning of the former passions of the moment.

But that would be too much work, so I guess I'll do another "Stove Top" instead.

Actually, my first item actually IS a hearkening back to those thrilling days of yesterday. Erin has responded to the "8 Things" meme (Howard Rogers' favorite meme). Now I know how tall she is, and who she slept with before she met her husband to be. (Hint: not Elvis, but close.)

And Red Stick Rant previously observed an anniversary that occurred yesterday - an anniversary that one of the Democratic candidates really didn't want (Hint: not Elvis, and really not close at all to him, other than the fact that Martin Gore is a musician and he wrote the song in question long before the scandal broke.)

Tony Pierce observed an anniversary also - the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth. (Hint: not Elvis, but the Colonel probably would have thought that Elvis sounded like him.) Tony Pierce has his own unique way of noting the progress that has been made over the last several decades.

Forget about the past; let's look at the now. Paypal suspended a Ron Paul supporters account, which temporarily put a crimp into a proposed recount in New Hampshire. (But do the Baba Booeys dig Digg? I won't speculate.)

OK, back to the past. Jake Kuramoto weighed in on Acquisition Day. And for Howard Rogers' benefit, he started a meme called "Eight Great Things About the BEA Acquisition." No, he didn't; I was just kidding.

Remember Vaspers? Well, his exit from Twitter freed up more time for him to make music. Hmm, I haven't posted an mp3 in years...

Baratunde found a Beyonce parody video, but I'm not familiar with the original video. Or, for that matter, the song.

Susan Reynolds talked about the uncertainty she is feeling as she proceeds through cancer treatments.

Thomas Hawk tried to define fair use.

Finland for Thought noted that "[t]he Social Ministry is drafting up a new law which would refund money back to people who lose in online Poker."

The times, they are a'changing. According to Franklin Avenue, Virgin Megastore is closing its large Sunset Boulevard store.

After the #twittout, Scripting News ran a series of posts on decentralizing Twitter: [1] [2] [3].

Meanwhile, Internet Evolution talks about microblogging and says that banality is relative. And ephermal banality is relativer.

For me, Spanish is easier to read than Finnish. Therefore, I can actually understand parts of this article about two of my three favorite Finnish figure skaters. asked a question, but I answered a different one (incorrectly, as it turns out). Whois watching out for the truth?

Liz Strauss asked, "How is a blog like a bridge?". I think it's more like a hub of a wheel. But then again, I think that Brian Eno is the illegitimate son of Slim Whitman, so my opinions should be taken with a grain of pepper.

Especially my opinion, expressed in a Michael Owen article, in which I invoked the name of Kobe Bryant.

With all these inane comments I make, you'd think that people would start looking more closely at moderation.

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steven edward streight said...

Thanks for the link, my good Twitter pal.

Do you also make music?

Ontario Emperor said...

I've played around with MIDI programming on a PC, but that's about it. I still need to listen to your work. Perhaps if I quit Twitter I'll have time... :)