Wednesday, January 9, 2008

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Let's start with True Discernment:

Why Mormonism is a Cult and not a True Christian Faith

They teach and believe in “another jesus”

For the record, I personally believe that Mormonism is presently outside of the orthodox Christian faith, due to their insistence on the incomplete nature of Christ's salvation and their conclusion that you have to work like a dog to earn your way to one of their heavens.

However, I do not care for the use of the term "cult" to describe a group of millions of people. Perhaps it fits for Jim Jones, but when even the Mormons themselves cannot agree on what the Word of Wisdom precisely means, how can we claim that the LDS church is under an authoritarian, charismatic leader?

So it also goes without saying that I disagree with a bit of the terminology used in this Cascading Faith post. But I still find it interesting.

Before continuing on with John’s epistles, the historical situation surrounding the church he was writing to needs addressing. At this time, Christian Gnosticism was just beginning to overshadow Christianity. Full blown Gnosticism did not appear on the stage for a few more years. To what extent this heresy infiltrated John’s churches is not the focus of this synopsis, but the fact that John had to deal with a new false teaching greatly effects how we are to approach reading these letters.

So what is Gnosticism? The word gnosis means knowledge; the goal of all Gnostic teaching is to uncover secret or hidden knowledge....

Gnosticism reached its most influential point just prior to A.D. 325 and the Council of Nicea. This council was called to settle the doctrine of the Trinity. At this time Arius taught that Christ was the first creation of God and not coequal with God. It was the Council of Nicea which declared that Christ was in fact coequal with God. It is important to note here that Christ’s divinity was never the issue (as Dan Brown’s Davinci Code would have us believe); the council was not affirming his divinity but his Trinitarian status. The teachings of Arius are considered a precursor to the Mormon cult of today.

Incidentally, the title of my post comes from a song by the Cult that sounded like most of the other songs by the Cult. Perhaps they had an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

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