Thursday, January 3, 2008

Is Gizmodo disposable?

Michael Hanscom was talking about analog and digital television sets, and offered the following observation in his post "Condescended". While looking for converters to allow his analog TV to work in the new digital world:

[M]uch of what I found was brief little snippets from ├╝ber-geek and audiophile sites with comments like this

" of the 'digital switchover' converter boxes your stubborn granny can buy early next year with her $40 coupon from the government, in lieu of getting a new...TV."

The comment that Hanscom quotes is follows (in the original Gizmodo post) by other comments regarding "old-people branding" and the like.

Hanscom observes:

[N]ot every geek out there...sees the need to toss out a perfectly good (and, actually, very nice) TV set that works fine, aside from not having the ATSC tuner.

Yet our economy thrives on new purchases to keep it humming, and websites like Gizmodo either consciously or subconsciously promote the trend. However, its emphasis on "shiny new toys" could backfire. Read this carefully:

Gizmodo is a blog with the sole purpose of writing about tech and gadgets as fast as possible. Started in 2002...

Huh? Aren't you aware of the new saying, Never trust anyone over 3? Why listen to THAT old website?

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