Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Trump Jayson Blair (Part One)

In an instance of coincidence, my name (well, my alias) has popped up in two separate blogs as a contributor of information to two separate blog posts. Ironically, in both cases Twitter users requested information for blog posts that they were composing, and I used my Twitter account to contribute said information.

In the first case, Geoff Livingston requested fellow Twiter users to mention their favorite sports blogs. These contributions formed a portion of the post Fan-Generated Media Driving Sports Coverage. Before getting to my world-shaking contribution, let me quote briefly from the introduction to the post.

We’ve seen some great sports blogs arise in the past year, including several player blogs like Curt Schilling’s 38 Pitches and Gilbert Arenas’ All Star Blog. A Technorati search yesterday revealed 1,076 blogs related to the Red Sox. Here in Washington, there are 295 blogs dedicated to the Redskins. These blogs have provided great venues for fans to voice their opinions about their teams. And capture a larger community perception about the stories they care about.

Elsewhere, Geoff quotes from a non-blog source (perhaps you've heard of the newspaper the Washington Post):

In several respects, what the Internet-based blogs — or “fan-generated media” — chatted about in 2007 mirrored the major story lines of the stick-and-ball sports that dominated newspaper pages and TV ratings....

But in other instances — such as the remarks that cost Don Imus his wildly popular radio show — bloggers were ahead of the mainstream media, buzzing about the comments disparaging Rutgers women’s basketball players for days before it became national news.

Which eventually led to Geoff's question that he posed to his Twitter buddies - what sports blogs do you read? I cited Soccerlens, which happens to be the only sports blog (other than the recently-added Bobby McMahon blog) that is in my Google Reader feed. If anyone would like to recommend a non-rabid Redskins fan blog to me, please do so.

Speaking of Twitter, let's look at my second citation. But we'll do it in another post.

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