Monday, January 14, 2008

Hmm...maybe I should pass these on to eight people...

I don't do the quizzes all that often, but I ran across a couple of them that looked interesting.

Allan Bevere looked at his theological worldview.

Eye of Polyphemus looked at his political worldview (in terms of presidential candidate compatibility).

I took the same quiz; guess I'm a "law and order" kind of guy. Sort of. Doesn't look like I really agree with anybody.

My scores, for the record:

Fred Thompson Score: 43
Duncan Hunter Score: 41
Mitt Romney Score: 35
Mike Huckabee Score: 30
John McCain Score: 30
Ron Paul Score: 29
Rudy Giuliani Score: 20
Chris Dodd Score: 16
Hillary Clinton Score: 14
Barack Obama Score: 14
Dennis Kucinich Score: 11
John Edwards Score: 11
Joe Biden Score: 9
Bill Richardson Score: 8
Mike Gravel Score: 3

My agreement with Sam Brownback, John H. Cox, Alan Keyes, Tom Tancredo, et al remains unknown.

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