Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The General and the Colonel

Teeth Maestro quotes a Reporters Without Borders press release:

Reporters Without Borders hails the lifting of a government ban on cable TV distribution of the privately-owned TV channel Geo News but deplores the fact that President Pervez Musharraf made it conditional on the suppression of some its programmes....

The amendments to the ordinances on the print media (RPPO 2002) and broadcast media (PEMRA 2002) enable the authorities to impose a three-year jail sentence on journalists who defame or mock the president.

Heck, we have a well-established tradition here of mocking the President. Which is just as well. He (or she) is not God, despite what some may think.

More from Reportere Without Borders:

The agreement between Geo TV’s owners and the government is conditioned on the suppression of news programmes hosted by Dr. Shahid Massod and Hamid Mir, two veteran journalists and commentators. They are allowed to continue working as journalists for the station, but cannot present their own programmes. The authorities also requested that columns by pro-government commentators should be published more often in The News and Jang, two newspapers owned by the Geo TV group.

For more details, we turn to kentucky.com.

"Musharraf has some personal disliking for me," said Hamid Mir, a journalist whose public affairs program, Capital Talk, was one of the most influential in the nation before Musharraf pulled the plug Nov. 3.

Shahid Masood, the once-popular host of an Urdu-language public affairs program, now is working at a Geo-TV bureau in Dubai. "They pressured management to fire me," he said in a telephone interview. "I'm on the top of the (black)list."

Meanwhile, an anonymous email claims that GEO is under the control of the Americans, the Indians, and the Jews. Here's part of the email:

Plz clear your minds about GEO and below a thought what Indian have been doing to us through GEO

I think you are not aware of GEO...its been funded by USA govt......just think what Jew /Indian/ American lobby want ......... the basic idea is to promote frustration, and despondence in a nation, so they start to demoralize and the future can be mapped as they want to project it in the minds of 50 percent illiterate population....that are born Muslim, can't read, but can see.

Why on earth USA is concern with only GEO, why CNN, BBC and bush quote GEO?...

Why geo was not concerned with Benazir's wealth and property?? And Nawaz
sharif's property?...

Do you know Kamran Khan was getting RS 25 lakh per month?

Do you know Dr. Shahid masood, was a member of NSF student party (a political left wing student party against Pakistan and Islamic forces....with RS 22 lacs per month and home in dubai and Karachi

Same amount been paid to Hamid Mir editor "Ausaf"......even Nadia Khan with Rs
6 lacs per month... Such huge amount, just to for free????...

50 percent Indian dramas on geo and 25 percent with mix cast (Indian and Pakistani) and Indian films....

never discuss why America is telling musharf to take off his uniform????/why is USA interfering in our business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Regards . . .

A Pakistani

And where is this evil plot against Pakistan centered? You may be surprised.

The info is true. I heard and one of my friends showed me proof that it's funded in Kentucky university only if i remember correctly to astray Muslims from their path and to bring new ideas so the meaning of true Islam can be twisted. By the way same goes with ARY as well. They are both funded in the US .

Hmm...notice that kentucky.com took great care to report the continued suppression of GEO employees.

And what is the most famous site in Kentucky? Churchill Downs. Churchill was another oppressor of the Pakistani people.

And both Kentucky and Karachi begin with the letter K.

But if you think I'm being a fool making this up, what about this evidence of Kentucky-Pakistani emnity?

“In Pakistan anti-American protesters set a Kentucky Fried chicken restaurant on fire. The protesters mistakenly thought they were attacking high-ranking U.S. military official Colonel Sanders.”

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