Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dumpa MySQL

I haven't typed the name "John Dvorak" on my keyboard in years.

But there was a time, back when my former employer (yeah, the THEOS general purpose software people) was transitioning to a Macintosh software provider, that I read Dvorak religiously (in his "The Devil's Advocate" column). I believe he was in MACWORLD at the time. My favorite contrarian article of his was the one in which he proposed an alternative universe in which command line interfaces were a significant advancement over the older, clunky graphical based interfaces.

Well, Dvorak is still being the contrarian, and Mark Brunelli links to Dvorak's musings on Sun's acquisition of MySQL:

I'm close to being convinced that Oracle wanted to buy MySQL to kill the product, but knew that it couldn't pull off the stunt itself. It would be too obvious, especially to European Union regulators. So it sent in a stooge to do the job.

The two companies, Sun and Oracle, have been strategic partners for years. On top of that, Sun cannot actually afford to spend a $1 billion on a company producing a mere $60 million in revenue and working outside its core competencies.

So who can afford it? Oracle, that's who. This deal stinks from top to bottom.

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