Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do! Part One?

Taking a blogging break between games to think about doing. Let's visit the feeds to draw a pseudo-common thread from disparate objects.

  • Justin Kestelyn asked where the Oracle meetup organizers are lurking.

  • Robert Scoble said that he "got slammed on some blogs for not writing about Kenya’s problems." (For the record, I have an all-encompassing blog, but I never got around to encompassing that issue myself.)

  • Michael Hanscom noted that Google Transit just didn't do the job for him.

  • Twitter won a Crunchie award. But not for revenue growth.

  • Ron Paul w...well, actually he didn't win. He came in second place.
OK, these items really don't have anything to do with what I'm talking about - is IBM's "Do" campaign making fun of Web 2.0? But I'll have to talk about that later, since I'm missing the second NFL game.

[20 JAN 2007 - DO! PART TWO IS HERE.]

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