Thursday, January 24, 2008

Business Stove Top, 24 January 2008

Robert Scoble advises what to do if you're laid off in the 2008 recession.

Dan Norris discusses TUSC's acquisition by an Indian firm.

Dennis Howlett writes Bill Gates, asking for a release of Live Writer on Mac and other platforms.

Check out Zoli's new Apple logo. Now I'll grant that a lot of companies have had a downward trend in their stock prices, but only one was named by Internet Evolution as the worst online company.

The Ontario, California Chamber of Commerces trumpets Internet availability on Southwest Airlines flights. Actually, it's a test on four planes, and it won't happen until summer. But it's a start.

What's this? It's a mashup. What does it do? Mashes up things. Does it make me money? Of course. IBM's behind it. One target of FriendFeed's update: those who tweet a lot.

Everybody must get updated. [25 JAN 2008 LINK CORRECTED] Louis Gray names LinkedIn, FriendFeed, and three other services.

David Allen remembers Buffums', courtesy an anonymous reader (who may or may not be a Baba Booey). Incidentally, Allen is a professional journalist, so he didn't mention Mrs. Groucho Marx in his title; he went for Ronald Reagan.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like that "Louis Gray" link just goes to InfoWorld again.

Ontario Emperor said...

Thanks, Anon. The Louis Gray link now goes to Louis Gray.