Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Al Gore Probably Really, Really Hates This Practice

A couple of years ago we drove across country and at one point were staying with some of my wife's relatives in Illinois. One morning a couple of the relatives weren't at the house, because they had flown to Wisconsin for breakfast.

Jeremy Zawodny does this also:

On Friday I got email from a few other pilots suggesting various fly-in ideas for the weekend. After thinking about it a bit, we opted to join Chris and a few others for a late morning flight to Merced Airport for the proverbial $100 hamburger.

Zawodny links to a Wikipedia article which explains the practice. After noting that it refers to short flights to eat near a non-local airport, the Wikipedia authors explain how the term was derived:

"$100" originally referred to the approximate cost of renting or operating a light general aviation aircraft, such as a Cessna 172, for the time it took to fly round-trip to a nearby airport. Increasing fuel prices have since caused an increase in hourly operating costs for most airplanes, whether rented or owned.

Well, if anyone is flying this way, they may end up at Maniac Mikes at Cable Airport in Upland, California.

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