Sunday, December 9, 2007

Youth With A Mission Statement

In my previous post I briefly referenced the first shooting in Arvada, Colorado today. Youth with a Mission has subsequently issued a news release and statement regarding the deaths of Tiffany Johnson, Charlie Blanch, Philip Crouse, and Dan Griebenow. Here is part of that statement:

YWAM International Chairman Lynn Green released this statement: "We feel a deep sense of loss today and we grieve with the families and those who were very close friends of the victims. Our surviving students and staff are being well cared for and we have total confidence in those who are responsible for the training program in Arvada to care for those who have been subjected to this assault.

"Those who lost their lives had dedicated themselves to serve and we feel the sorrow of their absence. Yet we take comfort from the assurance of everlasting life for those who follow Christ in loving service to others.

"It is a great tragedy that our culture seems to produce so many deeply troubled people who express their frustration in violence. We forgive the assailant and we rededicate ourselves to serving young people in the hope that we might bring healing to other needy youth."

Again, there's no link that's been established between this incident in Arvada and the subsequent shooting in Colorado Springs.

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