Sunday, December 23, 2007

So why don't we have Google Games? (or maybe we do, I just missed it)

Chris Brogan observed the following about Google's willingness to introduce cool new features:

Google has something really clever here. Look over a few recent, subtle moves. Google adds AIM functionality into GTALK, so you can use either Google Talk or your AIM ID. Google adds Friends to Reader, meaning that anyone with a Google account can share information back and forth with Google Reader. Google slips profiles into the “Friends” action, but it’s clear that this will go cross-account....

But wait. What’s a social network for? If you answer anything other than “a place to capture and corral attention so that companies can advertise against it,” you’re being a little altruistic....

So, with Google having the potential to keep you longer and longer on their court, you’ve got some really prime real estate for advertising, which is how Google’s owned the Internet for the last several years.

More here.

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