Saturday, December 15, 2007

OK, let's shoot ourselves in the foot and reduce our revenue

I was under the assumption that T-Mobile refuses to support the Twitter SMS code because too many of its customers were using unlimited SMS plans. However, I read this Valleywag story from last March that indicates otherwise:

Twitter binging comes with a price, as Jason Calacanis discovered....The Weblogs Inc co-founder, now a Sequoia Capital "entrepreneur in action," racked up a $236.70 bill on his T-Mobile plan for having the chatty "microblogging" service send 2,367 status messages to his cellphone.

As of now, the Jason Calacanis Weblog does not list any reaction to the fact that Calacanis is now prohibited from sending SMS messages to Twitter at any price.

This is looking better and better. Getting influential people (and uninfluential people like me) irritated, AND losing money in the bargain. Shrewd business move.

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