Friday, December 7, 2007

Karen Hanrahan's Five Points

This is from Liz Strauss' blog, and as she states, it was written by an SOB. The Successful and Outstanding Blogger who wrote this is Karen Hanrahan. The five points below are excerpted from her post "Change the World: One Pound at a Time" (timely for this Advent season):

5 things made a difference for me

  • water –- the only beverage of choice

  • snacks –- in this order; protein, vegetables, fruit, carbs

  • movement –- like get up and just walk – forget the gym membership – save that for later when you’ll actually go

  • immediate success –- seeing some weight come off was truly inspirational

  • habits –- notice them –- boy, I didn’t even know the bad habits I had created. Do something about them.

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