Friday, December 21, 2007

The Interminglings - how technology personalizes business

(This is not a Frozen Pea Friday post.)

I am involved in several different social networks - some under my "Ontario Emperor" (a/k/a "Ontario EmPEAror") name, and some under my real name. This story involves one of the latter.

A few days ago, someone at Oracle requested some semi-technical information about the product that I manage. So I've been gathering up the information, asking people to check it for accuracy, etc., etc.

This morning, I got the following message from the original requester:

I just got a Plaxo reminder that your b-day is right around the corner.
Happy B-Day! Mine was on [deleted] and had a good time with the family and friends.

So I sent the following message back:

Happy belated birthday!

I guess this isn't exactly a birthday present, but here are the slides that you requested that discuss [deleted].

Certainly this type of mixed interaction is nothing new, but some of the newer technologies make it that much easier to add a personal touch to business communications.

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