Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good idea, bad timing - or is it good timing?

Shawn Zehnder Lea tweeted about this announcement from the Dove people:

CONSUMER-MADE ADS MAY HAVE SEEN their heyday, but Unilever's Dove brand is letting consumers pitch Dove Supreme Cream Oil Body Wash in a new effort to break during the Oscars next year.

The company ran consumer-generated ads during the Oscars this year to support its "Real Women" ad campaign and its associated "Campaign for Real Beauty" that launched in 2005 with ads showing real women (versus airbrushed models) posing in their underwear, along with PR efforts to broaden ideas of what constitutes beauty.
For the forthcoming Oscars broadcast, Dove is adding a new spin: This time around, consumers will not only make the ads--based on how they "shower themselves with luxury every day--but will also vote on which of the five semifinalists should win. The votes will be tallied in real-time, on Feb. 24, the day of the Oscars. The winning ad will run during the ABC broadcast of the Oscars.

Of course, if the writer's strike is still going on at that time, then there's a chance that very few people will see the ad (bad timing). But the "we don't need no steenkin' writers" nature of the ad may be a plus (good timing for the producers, bad timing for the writers).

Which brings us, again, to Stacy Nadeau. There don't appear to be any updates at her LinkedIn page. But, just to confuse things, there's another Stacy Nadeau. She doesn't play football and she doesn't spread rumors, but she is also interested in real women, such as Martha Washington (who is, if anything, probably less understood than her husband).

This was a wonderful book! While some may complain of too much detail, I found the descriptions of day -to-day life fascinating. Many times I felt like I was right there with Martha and George. I felt that this book made Martha into a "real" woman, completely relatable, not just some stuffy old historical figure(that barely gets a mention in History class).

But Martha may not have been a size 10.

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