Friday, December 21, 2007

Frozen Pea Friday - TechCrunch Comments

This was written by Duncan Riley. Excerpt:

The benefits of Twitter may still be subject to heated debate amongst TechCrunch [commenters], but very few would doubt that Twitter has created new relationships and taken social networking to new (and perhaps different) levels.

A cause that’s hot on Twitter today is Frozen Pea Friday, a Breast Cancer Awareness and fundraising day in support of well regarded blogger Susan Reynolds....

I’ve never met Susan in person but I’ve got to known her over the last six months via Twitter. In my interactions with her she has come across as a genuine, open and honest person, one of a limited few who loves life without hate, who is happy to participate in conversations and contribute positively and intelligently at the same time. Even if you can’t contribute to breast cancer support today, add peas to your avatar today in moral support for a lady that the world will be far worse off without. Here’s hoping that her treatment is successful and she’ll be with us for many more years to come.

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