Friday, December 21, 2007

Frozen Pea Friday - Susan Reynolds Autopost

Susan Reynolds set up an autopost to appear at 9:00 am EST. The post details her anticipated schedule for the day. Of course I have to bear James 4 in mind, but if all is going according to schedule, Reynolds should have checked in to Sibley Memorial Hospital by now for pre-op. The critical time is at 11:30 am PST, or 2:30 pm EST:

Go into surgery with Dr Flax at 2;30 to have tumor and breast removed and nodes dissected and sent to lab

  1. If all is clear we're on to part 2

  2. If positive nodes, out come the axial nodes as well & chemotherapy is in my future
I will be in an unimportant meeting at that time, but will be praying for her.

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