Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Club 140, where short seems long

Earlier today, Dave Winer announced - a site that reproduces Twitter tweets of EXACTLY 140 characters in length (twooshes), provided Winer is following you on Twitter and thus is able to capture your tweets, check for tweets which are of the correct length, and reproduce compliant tweets on the club140 website.

The site therefore provides just a slice of the Twitterverse. While the entire universe of tweets is of variable length (with some tweets being only 1 or 2 characters long), the act of viewing JUST 140 character tweets (not 2, not 139, not 141) is fascinating to me. 140 characters forces the tweeter to write one or perhaps 2 sentences, yet the sentences are densely packed with ideas.

If you want to participate, and you have a Twitter account, contact For details. Let's see some twooshes!

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