Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christian Leader Endorsements for President 2008

I've been looking for some source material regarding various Christian leader endorsements for President. LauraC didn't name sources, but she did provide a summary of various 2008 Presidential endorsements and non-endorsements by Christian leaders:

...Pat Robertson endorsed Rudy Giuliani....

National Right To Life endorsed Fred Thompson.

Richard Land says he doesn't endorse but...he personally likes Fred Thompson and could not endorse Giuliani under any circumstance.

Paul Weyrich endorsed Mitt Romney.

Despite rumors, James Dobson has endorsed no one and says no endorsement is imminent but he's pretty much kissed off Giuliani, Thompson and McCain and is personal friends with Huckabee.

Don Wildmon endorsed Huckabee.

Rick Warren has been flirting with Obama but has not endorsed.

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