Sunday, December 9, 2007

Are you experienced? "Here Comes the Sun" and Saturday Night Dead

I don't know how old - I mean experienced - Jamie from Eye of Polyphemus is, but he noted in this post that he didn't see the Paul Simon/George Harrison episode of Saturday Night when it first came out (note that he refers to the show as a "rerun"). So when he raved about their duet on "Homeward Bound," he only caught half the story.

Here's the entire performance, including both "Homeward Bound" and their duet on "Here Comes the Sun," which in my view is even more amazing than their Simon & Garfunkel cover.

Incidentally, you may be wondering why I referred to "Saturday Night" rather than "Saturday Night Live" above. There are two reasons for this.

  1. This was aired in November 1976, just a scant few months after Howard Cosell's foray into late night television.. Because of the Roone and Howie show, Lorne's show couldn't be called "Saturday Night Live" at first. The name did not change until March, 1977, several months after this performance aired. (Don't tell the Easton, Pennysylvania librarian, but I got the date information from Wikipedia.)

  2. This performance wasn't live. As Hill and Weingrad noted in Saturday Night: A Backstage History of Saturday Night Live,, "It was never mentioned publicly that George's segments had been taped earlier in the week because he had a conflict in his schedule." The things we do for ex-Beatles. But it was worth it.

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