Saturday, December 22, 2007

225,000 people don't know where they are

OK, I'm giving up.

Years and years ago, when I wrote to the Reed alumni newsletter and said that I was working on Rancho Cucamonga, east of Los Angeles, the Reed alumni newsletter printed that I was working in Los Angeles.

As I've mentioned before, someone decided that "Anaheim Angels" would not be as well received as "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim." Well, I guess Rita Moreno of Arte has the right to do whatever he wants.

And now I read this from my local chamber of commerce:

At LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT), more than 225,000 passengers are expected this holiday season, an increase of 5 percent over last year.

Now I have to grant that we sold the airport to Los Angeles years ago, so Los Angeles had the right to rename the airport. But it still irritated me...until now.

Why fight progress? Let's just stick a "Los Angeles" or an "LA" in front of everything - starting with the LA/Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

And baseball fans who are tired of the excesses of the major league game can go visit the Los Angeles Quakes of Rancho Cucamonga. (Beauty - the Angels have an agreement with this team, so the renaming is a natural.)

But the one that will really get attention will be the renaming of the "909." Henceforth, it's the "213/909." Let's let the 213 share in the glory of our meth labs.

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