Friday, November 2, 2007

What do you take for granted?

Each of us has things that we take for granted, but are special to others. Here's a prime example.

Yesterday morning, I had to return a product to a store for a refund, so I went to the store after work, got the refund, and went back home. Incidentally, this is probably one of my most documented shopping trips.

Sounds routine, doesn't it? Until you realize that the "shopping center" is Downtown Disney, which is right next to Disneyland and California Adventure, and I decided not to go into either of the parks, even though my annual pass was valid, because it was too danged cold and I left my jacket in the car and didn't feel like going back to get it, and anyway I ought to get home bla bla bla.

People in other parts of the world are probably dropping their jaws right now. "O," they are saying, "you could have gone on Soaring Over California but you passed it up?"

Don't believe me? Read this comment from Mrs. Loquacious:

I love Disney! I can't wait to visit the "happiest place on Earth" next summer...presuming I can figure out scheduling to go!

Well, I was at the happiest place on earth. And my scheduling had worked out (I suspect that if I had told my family I'd be home a little late, I'd get a free pass under the circumstances).

But I still passed it up.

So, my question for my readers: what is an extraordinary thing in your life that you take for granted?

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