Saturday, November 10, 2007

True Discernment Takes On Non-Christian Endorsements

I've talked about civil religion in general in this blog, but never have touched upon the topic of Christians endorsing non-Christians. Personally I don't have a huge objection to the practice, since the nations of the world, even if they are successful in establishing Law, do not have the capability to establish Gospel.

Nevertheless, I wanted to see what True Discernment had to say when talking about allegiance to the State:

I have to say that even with all the apostasy that is going on in Evangelical Christianity today, I am still stunned at the mass abandonment of those who call themselves Christians from even basic Christian values in this upcoming Presidential Election. The seeming scramble by those who call themselves Christian leaders to endorse those who openly deny the very basics of Christian teaching is just staggering.

I knew this day would come, but its one of those things until you see it, the very magnitude of it does not reach you....

[The post-Constantine Roman Empire] began the idea of a “National” religion, where people began to see their Christian faith as inseparable from their nationality (Their State). So what the persecutions could not do, legalization and state backing accomplished: Convincing “Christians” to honor the state over their faith. What we are seeing in this election season is nothing more than a continuation of this ”state” sponsorship being worked out in so called “Christian” organizations that although not favored by the state, are favored by their own mini-states they have created by their wealth, achieved by fleecing the sheep!

They are using the carnal methods that project power in our day: Wealth! If you have wealth and a national following you are respected as a “Minister” of the Gospel. You are not respected because you are known to preach the True Gospel; you are respected because you have acquired wealth and a large following. In other words you are respected because you display the attributes that define our “empire”, or in other words our “State”.

And this is nothing more than a denial of the supremacy of our faith in Jesus Christ over the State. So en masse, without persecution people have chosen the State (The Empire), The President (The Emperor) over their Faith. This denial of faith has become so engrained that people no longer can understand the implications of it. I truly believe it is the strong delusion that the Word of God said would be sent in the end times.

To give you an example, I stumbled across a web site while cleaning out some links in my Emergent Folder of Emergent Web Sties I track to see what is going on in that brand of apostasy and I came across this “Pastor’s” web site that just happens to be in what is supposed to be a very conservative denomination.

And this Pastor has blazoned all over his web site that he is endorsing none other than Barak Obama for President. So I emailed the “Pastor” to ask him how he could possible endorse a person for President who not only supports but campaigned to keep the Partial Birth Abortion legal!...

I have to say for a person who calls themselves a “Minister” of the Gospel to not understand the serious problem with calling Abortion a “personal moral issue” and one “which cannot be effectively legislated against” and even further to say “We need to do a much better job at compassion and justice” is nothing more than astounding!

Frankly, I haven't found the perfect Christian candidate, and I don't think I ever will (at least in our current political system) because the perfect Christian candidate would insist on an abortion ban AND "compassion and justice." If abortion isn't a private matter, then starving in the streets isn't a private matter either.

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