Sunday, November 4, 2007

Stove Top, 4 November 2007

This is a tradition that I will establish today and probably break the very first chance I get (even though Rules Are Rules). I will use "Stove Top" as a device to unload a "stuffing" of accumulated links, taken from Google Reader shared items, Google Reader starred items, and other sources. Enjoy.

Steve Rubel, Advertisers, Only You Can Save Web 2.0:

Nearly every online start-up you can think of is basing their business model on advertising. It's as if your digital budgets are a bottomless pot of money with more than enough to go around for everyone. Ask any of them how they plan to stay solvent and they all fire off the "a-word" - advertising.

Sugar Attack (William Smith), Web 2.0 is boring me to death:

Web 2.0 comes down to 4 websites that everyone else is copying. Flickr, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter.

Wes Wyatt 2.0, Wes Wyatt - Day 51 of 90 Day Challenge - Happy Halloween:

Houdini was one of the first Viral Marketers! And his branding was incredible! Had Harry been around today for YouTube and/or Network Television - he’d leave David Blaine and Criss Angel in the dust! He could pack theaters for entire engagements all from word of mouth in a previous city!

Eye of Polyphemus (Jamie), The Potential WGA Strike:

Producers always claim they have stockpiled scores of scripts ready to fill out the remainder of the season, but that never has come to fruition in the past. During the last huge strike in 1988, Hollywood made that claim, but the season limped to the finish line with hurried rewrites on sub par scripts and clip shows.

Finland for Thought (Sirkuspelle), Tax records are now public again and Iltalehti hasn’t wasted any time:

It is amazing that Finland is still adhering to this old Swedish tattle-tale police-your-neighbour guilty-till-proven-innocent tax collection system method of getting people to police each others’ money matters, which is a crappy way to run a country to begin with.

Positive Liberty (Jim Babka), Obi-wan Paul — The GOP’s Only Hope:

Hypothesis: The major party nominee who is perceived by the public to be the most likely to bring the troops home from Iraq (and potentially Iran by that point) the fastest, will win.

Truemors (acbert), Martina Hingis Tests Positive for Cocaine, Retires from Tennis.

TechCrunch (Erick Schonfeld), First Pics of Bug Labs Open-Source Hardware:

It starts with a BUGBase, which is a general-purpose Linux computer about the size of a PlayStation Portable, encased in white plastic. This has four connectors that plug right into the motherboard. The company will also make a variety of modules that can plug into the computer—like an LCD screen, a digital camera, a GPS unit, a motion sensor, a keyboard, an EVDO modem, and a 3G GSM modem. (There are also places to add USB, Ethernet, WiFi, and serial ports).

InfoWorld Tech Watch (Ephraim Schwartz), Finally, Wi-Fi on the airlines:

In the summer of 06, a company called AirCell won the FCC auction for the 800-MHz spectrum, the only spectrum that is licensed to transmit air to ground [ATG]. They paid $31 million and beat out the former owners, AirPhone. AirPhone was the company that offered the in-flight phone service from the seat back in front of each passenger.

Scripting News (Dave Winer), MySpace and Google, where's the beef?:

Imho, Google has a long way to go to build the base of users and developers connected using the new protocol that is the subject of all this chest-thumping. Do they exist in any tangible form? How much of a moving target are they? It's like proclaiming the new owners of A-Rod's contract as the winners of the 2008 World Series.

Red Stick Rant (Clifford), Slidin' Down +Kate's Slippery Slope.:

(An interesting aside - the Presiding Bishop's letter mentions "Constitution" and/or "Canon" seven times, but "Christ" is only mentioned once. In closing. What does that tell you....?)

Truemors (ValleyHag), Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and Vinod Khosla: Schwarzenegger Has Money for You.

TechCrunch (Michael Arrington), First OpenSocial Application Hacked Within 45 Minutes:

A developer who goes by the alias “theharmonyguy” and describes himself as “just an amateur” claims to have compromised the RockYou OpenSocial application on Plaxo called emote....Specifically, he claims to have added a number of emoticons to Plaxo VP Marketing John McCrea’s profile within 45 minutes of it launching.

Soccerlens (Steve Amoia), Nothing But Nets: Humanitarian Diego Gutierrez of the Chicago Fire:

Mr. Gutierrez, who is a native of Bogota, Colombia, is the spokesman for a very interesting cause called Nothing But Nets. This charity was formed to help alleviate the spread and suffering of malaria on the African continent. He helped to raise over US $400,000 to provide insect nets that cover beds. This simple yet effective remedy has saved many lives.

Red Stick Rant (Clifford), Can The Blessing Of Committed Suicide Bombers Be Far Off?:

In 1989, I was at the Hynes Center in Boston to take my professional licensing exam on the same day that +Harris was ordained in the same building. In between examinations, I wandered over to hear what was being said. Synopsis: Ronald Reagan was the Devil, Christ Jesus was simply Daniel Ortega and Fidel Castro in an earlier age, and somewhere there was a 'Gospel of Single-Payer Nationalized Helath Care' I knew nothing about.

User First Web (Jason Grigsby), Dangers of Context-based Advertising:

One of the example is a Folgers Coffee ad placed next to an article entitled “Coffee Might Trigger Heart Attack in Some.” Folgers likely bought ads to be placed on Yahoo’s content network whenever the word “coffee” showed up. However, they probably wouldn’t chose to place their ad next to this story if given the opportunity to chose.

Amish America (Erik Wesner), The no-school blues:

[F]or the ones that truly love learning, I imagine it must be an agonising position to be in, or at least one that doesn't lend itself to an easy resolution. To choose the Amish path and try to blunt your instincts, to leave or never join and cut yourself out of your cultural base, or to become Amish and hopefully try to figure out acceptable ways to quench your desire for education--it doesn't seem an easy choice.

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