Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stove Top, 20 November 2007

Still wading through my shared items, and I haven't even gotten to my Tom Kyte post yet. (And I hope you're not breathlessly waiting for it; it will probably only be 11 lines long.)

In the meantime, here are some other goodies that I fished out of the ether(net):

  • Anne Zelenka of GigaOM wrote about Oracle OpenWorld, blogger press credentials, Oracle's wiki, Oracle Mix, Connect, and the possible future connection of Connect and Mix. Basically, the article was a way to attach the magic number "2.0" to Ellison's ever-expanding empire.

  • George Trujilo, also from Oracle OpenWorld, wrote about the changing role of the DBA. And no, the new tools won't make the DBA's job easier; on the contrary, DBAs will need to expand their skill sets.

  • In another post, Trujilo spoke about an Oracle Database 11g expert panel in which he participated.

  • I missed the Cow Palace, but Jason Jones didn't.

  • OK, let's switch gears. I still have a ton of OpenWorld stuff in the queue, but let's see how, and why, UK Twitter users now have limits on outbound SMS, according to TechCrunch UK.

  • Laura Foy talked with Will Wright.

  • Wired Pig noted that Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, has shut down two television stations that were critical of the Pakistani government.

  • Vaspers talked about taking a critical look at your website. (Heaven knows mrontemp could use one.)

  • Switching back to Oracle for a moment, Lutz Hartmann praised a book on Automatic Storage Management. Incidentally, one of the co-authors (Richard Long) was highly praised by a couple of people at the blogger meetup at the Thirsty Bear a week ago.

  • Slashdot cited a survey in which 90% of IT professionals have concerns about Vista, 44% are considering switching away from Windows, and 9% are already moving away.

  • Finland for Thought noted that the nurses' threatened resignations resulted in an agreement.

  • Extreme Mortman noted that the Baltimore Sun now has a pro wrestling blog.

  • Nicole Ferraro at Internet Evolution warned that Big Brother Steve Jobs is playing Gollum while watching Apple iPhone users (collected information is being filed in "My Precious").

  • In a comment to the above, James Johnson reminded us of Apple's "1984" commercial.

  • Despite Nelson's statistical evidence, some people believe that Barry Bonds just exercised a lot over the last few years. (And they also believe that Michael Jackson is just Peter Pan and nothing else.)

  • The Ontario (California) Chamber of Commerce shared a feel-good story about Thanksgiving crowds.

  • And, last (for now) but certainly not least, Oracle ACE Floyd Teter shared his final thoughts on Oracle OpenWorld 2007. (I'll get to mine someday.)

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