Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Others Discuss Database Stuff at Oracle OpenWorld

As I indicated previously, I am no expert in the technical nuances of database architecture or programming, but those that are (or pretend to be) are commenting on some Oracle Database features.

Gozilla Planet chooses this week to republish excerpts from an Oracle white paper on XML DB.

And JJMaringlz (or whoever wrote this) talks about adoption or non-adoption of new database features, using some Oracle Database 10g features as an example.

Oracle will introduce a slew of new database innovations when the latest version of its flagship product, Oracle Database 11g, debuts later this month. But it could be quite a while before database administrators (DBAs) start taking full advantage of them....

DBAs say it often takes a bit longer for them to get accustomed to — and start seeing the full benefits of — new database features and functionality.

“You can turn on a new feature, but even if you take the new-features course or upgrade your certification, some of the best parts of that feature may not become obvious until you’re really, really familiar with it and you really get some use out of it,” said Brian Fedorko, a senior DBA with Viper Engineering, a firm that does contract work for Lockheed Martin.

Sometimes DBAs are reluctant to turn on new database features out of the box for fear they might break something. Other times, they turn something on, decide they don’t like it and turn it back off again.

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