Thursday, November 1, 2007

The micromedia110107 wiki record-locking bottleneck


Well, my calendar got cleared (my only conflict turned out to be a DST error), so I was able to participate in the MicroMedia Meetup at 2230 GMT today. I tweeted, then I got to step 3 of the instructions:

Login to this wiki (Password: micro) and leave a URL to your micromedia.

Well, I wanted to leave the URL right then - if I don't do it now, I may not do it later. But there was a teeny tiny little issue - EVERYONE ELSE WANTED TO DO THE SAME THING. And because the wiki page is locked when someone is editing it, everyone else is locked out.

Turns out I lucked out anyway and was able to add my entry within a couple of minutes. I saved the changes, logged out...and then discovered that I had typed "mtilto" instead of "mailto."


Get in the queue again. Again, I was granted entry within a few minutes, and (very quickly) corrected my typo and got the heck out of there so the next person could get in.

As of now (2245 GMT) there are 16 comments (mostly Utters) on the topic. Ironically, so far I have been the only one who took the term "microblogging" literally - my contribution is painfully brief. But you already knew how brief (and vibrant) I could be.

For the record, this is w-I mean, here's what I tweeted:

#micromedia110107 no technology can correct failures in human clarity-we are the weakest link-wars, rumors, divorces will continue

I think that pretty much says it all. The only thing that I'd add - don't confuse the messenger with the message.

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Csalomonlee said...

I was also suprised by the number of Utterz being left, combined with further highlights in blog posts. It's an interesting experience. Btw, I did a tweet on the topic - my second one ever!

Ric said...

I did not even know about Utterz before this, now I think it is KEWL!

William Tildesley said...

Hey I just got your comment, thanks, I'm glad you waited in line :)
I think yours was the most powerful and meaningful - and short and sweet (unlike mine!)

BTW, I'm now following you on twitter, my name on twitter is tildesley.

See you around,